Out of Order

Hunter by Andrew Mac Donald, A Candidate for the Order by Michael Hoffman II

NEITHER OF THE ABOVE NAMED BOOKS, the second of which is by the author of the notorious Turner Diaries, could be published in the United Kingdom, due to our Race Relations Act-both were published in America. Each succeeds as a thriller-crime novel and it says something for these authors that they prefer to expend their talents in a political effort than in making the proverbial buck, and considering the standard of literature that now reaches the best seller lists, this is probably quite a sacrifice. Both books break the primary taboo of the time in which we live: race. Both are about the struggle against the "mud coloured future", against racial miscegenation. Both are written by Americans, set in America of the present day and both reflect the despair that the more politically aware Americans must feel as they see the Great Republic slowly submerged under a flood of immigrants and the off-spring of their own Black minority. As any American who is not brain dead realises, the future offers the spectacle of Black/Hispanic/ethnic majority in our lifetime. Within two or three decades at most, America will cease to be an outpost of Europe and in this sense will cease to be the epicentre of the Western World (much to some people's relief and to others' disquiet). This is the consequence of America's post-war liberal immigration laws vis-a-vis the Third World in general and Latin America, primarily Mexico, in particular. As the extract from Time shown in Scorpion 16 was captioned, "Hey, whitey, now it's your turn at the back of the bus." Both books are an imaginative but unrealistic answer to this.

The Hunter begins with the hero of the story, a man called Yeager (German Jaeger -Hunter), who, entirely off his own bat, decides to mount a campaign against "miscegenating couples" ....by shooting them. After a number of such attempts, he is tracked down by a senior F.B.I. man, who, however, proves sympathetic. This man then supplies Yeager with information as to whom to kill and at the same time "educates him" as to the real situation in America. The second book, A Candidate for the Order, is the better of the two. The story concerns a white family living in comparatively poor circumstances, the husband having refused to go along with what he regards as the perversion of his chosen profession as history lecturer. This family then becomes the object of assault by demoralised whites and the local black hooligans because the hero (John Schmidt) and his wife attempt to bring up their youngsters decently (the children rejoice in the names of Wolfgang, Thor and Gretchen!) In attempting to defend his family, he and they become enmeshed in a nightmare world of social workers and the law-the liberal establishment- which is bent on crushing the spirit out of this white family that prides itself on its racial identity. They are rescued by the Order and the story ends with their initiation into that brotherhood with a rite that includes a song bearing a suspicious similarity to the S.S. Oath Song (When all have proved disloyal").

A candidate for the Order has some subtlety: there are sympathetic references to the position of blacks in modern American society and the section dealing with the social and legal attempts to define Schmidt and his wife as being unsuitable parents in order to take away their children has a chilling reality about it (well appreciated this side of the Atlantic, viz. the Cleveland Case). Both works are to be applauded for bringing to the surface the racial self-identity and pride which despite forty years of liberal propaganda is still spread throughout the West, although leading a subterrannean life and rarely reflected in the media. In both novels the central hero is a lonely figure struggling against the tide of established opinion until he eventually finds friends. This also is bound to strike a cord with all those who hold nationalist or patriotic views and are aware of the solitude in which these opinions must be held until a circle of like- mided individuals is found. Unfortunately, The Hunter is an out and out nazi tract and A Candidate for the Order is full of nazi overtones.

In The Hunter the great secret which is imparted to Yeager by the FBI man is none other than that great standby, The Jewish Conspiracy. It is, says the FBI man, because of the Jewish control of the media that America is doomed to racial miscegenation. Consequently, he turns Yeager's murderous attentions from mixed-race couples to prominent Jews. This is merely another variation on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and every other tired anti-semitic tract written since the Tsarist Secret Police went out of business. Even if it were true of America, which it patently is not, what possible relevance would it have to Europe? In Europe people of Jewish faith represent an insignificant and unimportant fraction of the overall population. Even in America, the idea that Middle Class New York Jews want to see America handed over to the black and other races stretches credulity. On the contrary, there is a long record of Jewish/Black conflict in New York and elsewhere. The fact that some Black nationalists have taken up anti-semitism does not make such opinions any more credible. Anti-semitism is irresistable to these authors and to others because it removes the need to think about the real state of our societies and how they can be changed. If all our problems stem from Jews, then it follows that expelling these people, or even killing them, will solve our problems. this is plainly nonsense. Although the media does influence people, and although many Jews are prominent in the media (although to what extent is anyone's guess; it is unlikely that Jews are in anything like a dominant position), the fact that a white, blond haired girl chooses to marry a black, Afro-Caribbean man, is hardly the fault of the Jews!

It does not seem to occur to the "Right" that the present condition of the West is directly attributable to the Holocaust...not to that alone but to it as a major factor. It was the gradual dissemination of the story of the Holocaust which set the seal upon the already existing pessimism and self-hatred of the Western intelligensia and it is they who were responsible for undermining opposition to the first waves of immigration and who continue to lead the march towards the "mud-coloured future". Western intellectuals and their liberal acolytes concluded from the events of the Holocaust that only racially mixed populations would be free from the temptation to go down that path again. There is of course an element of truth in this but when human beings wish to kill each other they have no difficulty in finding the necessary excuses. The Holocaust provided the left-liberal segment of the political spectrum with apparently irrefutable arguments in favour of a multi-racial society, and a term of abuse, "racist", which has silenced every attempt to halt immigration and is still a weapon in the liberal armoury of such power that no establishment politician will dare risk it being applied to him. The accusation is magnified ten-fold when anti-semitism makes its appearance. These two books, far from achieving the ends the authors seek, will merely postpone those ends even further. They do an unwitting service to multi-racialism rather than otherwise.

Like many modern nationalists, the authors seem unable to express either nationalistic/patriotic sentiments or a pride in European racial identity without recourse to Nazi symbolism, nomenclature and ideas. The path of German nationalism, whether one accepts the Holocaust as reality or not, led to catastrophe. The Nazis dragged the German nation into a war which Germany had only a slim chance of winning and then conducted that war in such a manner as to remove any possibility of a negotiated peace. The real achievement of the Nazis and their nationalist and conservative allies and non-German collaborators, even leaving aside the ghastly record of atrocities, was to leave Europe devastated and at the mercy of Russian communism and American capitalism. Compared with this, their successes are trivial.

If a new political ideology is to develop which discards liberal guilt and expresses pride in European ethnic-racial identity, it must not be tainted with anti-semitism or nazism. whether in the United States or Europe, whether on a nationalistic or Pan-European basis, such an ideology must be free from the associations which naturally arise in people's minds as a result of the past or it and the movements which espouse it will remain in the shadow of society, confined to an area occupied by cranks and eccentrics. The European peoples are not so stupid or so criminally irresponsible that they will ever be persuaded again to go down the path that leads to 1945, to "Year Zero" as the Germans called it. A new radical nationalist ideology must appeal to the latent idealism to be found in the European peoples, at all social levels, without inspiring the kind of abominable hatreds that disfigured and eventually destroyed an earlier tradition. While the books under review have something to recommend them in that they dare to speak about race, the authors remain locked in the darkness of the past, locked in a racism so extreme as to confirm the liberal case rather than refute it.

James Harraway

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