Empire Invisible

Julius Evola, Das Mysterium des Grals. Special edition limited to 999 editions. Can be ordered for 78 DM from Archiv f|r Altes und Geheimes Wissen, Lothar von K|belstra_e 1, 76547 Sinzheim Germany (Fax number: 07229/307689)

AFTER A LONG PERIOD one of Julius Evola's major works is available in German once more. A preface by the well known Evola expert H.T. Hansen facilitates a comprehension of this demanding work.

The Mystery of the Grail is not about some esoteric abstraction, it is concerned with a central mythos of the West: "In all major traditions of Antiquity and especially in the Indo-Germanic one the conception of a powerful world ruler returns again and again in one form or another, an imperceptible empire towering over every visible kingdom; the conception of a place that in the highest sense signifies a pole, an axis, an immutable mite point, a fixed land in the middle of the ocean of life, as a holy, untouchable area, represented by a land of light or land of sun". (Gralsmysterium und Kaisergedanke).

The theme of this book is therefore the empire. An empire which at the present time can only be an inner empire. Evola sought to help this inner empire to materialise itself externally, viz. to emerge as political reality.

With sensationalistic titles about the Grail all the rage, the Grail as extra-terrestrial machine (Fiebag, Die Entdeckung des Grals), as an extension of the body of Christ (Lincoln, Baignet, Leigh, Der Heilige Gral und seine Erben) or simply as a literary topos, a book like this is of the highest value. Evola demonstrates that the Grail legend is neither a literary curiosity nor an original Christian legacy but a foundation of Indo-Germanic tradition in Christian and literary disguise.

Evola writes,

"To understand and to live the symbol of the grail in its purity would signify the awakening of powers which might supply a transcendental point of reference for what could emerge after a great crisis in 'the form of an epoch which transcends the nations': the epoch of the Imperium, das Reich, the empire which is yet to come and will come when once its incompleted predecessors have run their course to the end.

The hefty price apart, this is an admirable publishing initiative.

Dominic Campbell

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